AGRAS SA is a Greek construction company, founded in 1999, specializing in residential development and services, constructing luxurious sea view and waterfront villas.

But now let us try to really introduce ourselves.

At AGRAS SA, every project that comes in our hands is a trigger to start dreaming. Every new request starts with one single question: what is an ideal dream house? A question asked first to ourselves and then to our clients. And this is how a beautiful story begins.

At AGRAS SA we are proud to express ourselves through our work, and we are proud to say that even though we are mainly a construction company, we are happy to take care about everything that contributes to make a house, a beautiful home.

Starting from scratch, we assist our clients in finding the desired location and we provide them with the necessary support concerning legal and bureaucracy matters. We design the house based on their needs, desires and lifestyle, taking always under consideration the local traditional style and history. We decorate and finesse every detail, outside and inside as we want our high level of aesthetics and quality to meet harmony and comfort. Finally, our experienced team offers after-sales policy with maintenance services and total technical support based on a consistent communication with our clients. In other words, we are there from A to Z, creating a Turnkey Home, ready to be lived right away.

Our purpose is to create houses that allow our clients to dream every time they get through their door or every time they chill by the swimming pool or at the terrace while enjoying the sunset and the endless view of the deep blue sea melting with the light blue of the sky. And the reason is not only that this is our job. That might simply make us a common construction company. The reason is that this is our dream too.

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